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What are the most traffic congested areas in San Antonio or Bexar County? How about Boerne, New Braunfels or Seguin?


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    I'd like to have actual data, but what I believe are the mostt congested areas are:

    1)The freeways: I35, I10, US281 or I37.

    2)The far west side, outside loop 410 from I-10 to 90, where the developers were allowed to run wild without building arterial roads.

    3)Downtown, where the traffic bothers many people who say they just won't drive there.

    4) The Stone Oak area, where again the developers ran wild without building arterial roads.

    Now I understand the definition of congestion is the difference between actual speed and free-flowing traffic speed.

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    How about Downtown. Houston St a mess and so is Commerce st at Bowie.

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