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A Path separated from motorized traffic normally by a curb for people to ride their bicycles safely.


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    Joseph Garcia

    This is a great idea, especially for the metro areas of the city. In the Netherlands they actually have these lanes on country roads. Also, cycling is not some sport activity there, but more a normal routine of life to ride you bike instead of taking a car. Everyone from young to old ride for their close daily tasks and having a segregated lane makes it much safer for everyone. The real research should come by contacting one one of these European cities to find the data they used to justify such a system.

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    I agree that it would be good to contact European cities with such bike path systems and ask what data they use to justify it. I would add, and what criteria do they use in decisions to put them in? Is this just next to major roads? And what proportion of heir population uses them? I suspect it may have been an easier decision for them than for us, because of a larger proportion of the public using bicycles and so more public support.

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