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Leave rural communities alone

I urge the MPO to consider the preservation of rural communities. Not everyone wants hike/bike trail along the roads they use on a daily basis. Some of us live in rural communities SPECIFICALLY to be away from these types of services. I urge the MPO to consider this and preserve the rural portions of the newly adopted counties.

Please continue to make the urbanized areas as transportation friendly as possible and encourage people to move to downtown areas as the biggest measure to preserve rural/non subdivided land.

Additionally, your public input meetings should be advertised better - I am a rural Guadalupe County resident and had NO idea these meetings were even going on until after they had passed. There are multiple FB groups that this information could've been posted and promoted through if someone at the MPO responsible for the outreach actually put a little effort into the promotion.


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    Scott Ericksen

    Thanks for your input. Also for the FB suggestion. Do you have any specific FB's to include?

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Seguin Tex, Guadalupe County Emergency Management, Guadalupe County 4-H, Seguin Gazette, Herald-Zeitung, Comal ISD, Comal County Fair, Comal County, any of the city or newspaper FB pages within this area - New Braunfels, Seguin, Bulverde, Garden Ridge, Schertz, Cibolo, New Berlin, etc.

    Just do a basic FB search and reach out to the groups with high numbers - most of the cities in Guadalupe County consider themselves small communities and are members of multiple groups in order to stay updated with what's going on. Pick some.

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      Scott Ericksen

      Thank you. Ads were run in the Star, Gazette, and Herald Zeitung as well a couple of local radio stations. Nonetheless, we will try to use more FB outlets next spring.

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    I wonder what the threat is in runners and cyclists, that someone would choose a residence specifically to be away from them. It would be good to survey people in some of this area to establish what proportion would agree with "community member"'s statement, with a follow-up to ask why.

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