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Multi-modal transportation

What modes of transportation are the most environmentally friendly?


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    Electrically driven rail with regenerative braking, of course. We can run it off of windmills. A few years ago I calculated that DART's light rail system uses the equivalent of ten of the biggest wind turbines.

    Naturally this is the most efficient solution in high volume corridors, and you may get a different answer in lightly traveled areas.

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    Electric power has the added advantage that another oil crisis won't raise its cost at all. And remember, in 2005 we were wondering whether gas would reach $1.50 a gallon. Now we pay more than twice that. Most of that money leaves town and does not recirculate here. What an economic boost it would be to use less oil intensive transportation!

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    Bicycling, just bicycling. And when you put in the cycletracks, others can use them too, not just people like me.

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