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bike lanes

do we need to wait until a cyclist is hit before re-installing the east and west bound bike lanes at 1604 and US 281 N. ? same thing on Evans near Green Mountain - why were the east / west bike lanes removed?

Nice job with the new Bulverde section from 1604 to Evans.



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    Sabc Mpo

    @George Heagerty –The segment you are talking about along 1604 has generated much comment from bicyclists. The striped wide shoulders were unfortunately removed from the Loop 1604 frontage road during construction of the Hwy 281 interchange. BikeTexas, the statewide bicycle advocacy group, worked hard to get a change order from TxDOT and Bexar County and was able to get a design change that includes wide outside lanes and bicycle signage. That was the best accommodation that could be made to the roadway by that time in the project, unfortunately.

    I’m not familiar with the bike lanes on Evans near Green Mountain and will check with our contacts at the City of San Antonio, which owns that roadway, and also pass along to them your comment re: Bulverde. Thanks for posting those questions – Allie Blazosky (

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    I'm going a step further. But when the city puts down bike lanes, they should use this simple guideline.

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