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Main traffic problem relates to drivers

The MPO should seriously consider education of drivers in the Greater San Antonio Austin area. Everyone in this area gets on to any road and moves to the left most lane and drives usually about 20 miles below speed limit. "Slower Traffic Keep right" has no presence or significance in these two cities. Even government vehicles, large tractor trailers and public vehicles are culpable in this regard. The Police departments don't seem to care, I have not seen any PO pull over anyone for obstruction of traffic because they drive slow, leave large gaps between them and the preceding vehicle. "Gappers" are a serious problem and they slow down traffice without any need. So instead of spending Billions of dollars in infrastructure improvements, MPO should focus on education and enforcement of "Obstructing traffic". I know this suggestion will fall on deaf years because I see MPO as a big bureaucracy and not really anything else. But I have to express this concern. When you see a license plate that says "55MPHR" as the general philosophy of the residents what can you do to speed up the traffic..



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