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Welcome to the Mobility 2040

The San Antonio - Bexar County MPO is utilizing to collect comments, suggestions, and concerns to include into our 25-Year transportation vision plan for the Alamo Area region. When submitting ideas for our plan please consider our vision and goals.

Our Vision:

The 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan will meet growing mobility needs while ensuring good air quality; enhancing the safety of the traveling public; fostering appropriate land use patterns; advancing alternative modes of transportation; and, increasing accessibility for all users.


Identify opportunities to improve and enhance the regional transportation system and preserve the investment in the existing transportation system.

Increase the efficiency of the transportation system and decrease traffic congestion.

Invest in a public transit system that meets the needs of the region.

Address the social, economic, energy and environmental issues of the region in transportation planning efforts.

Support economic activity/employment growth and encourage innovative partnerships.

Continue to facilitate the involvement and participation of agencies, organizations and the general public in the transportation planning process.

Ensure that transportation planning efforts are coordinated with local land use plans to support future growth and development patterns.

Maintain a focus on safety for the traveling public.

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